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JB on Beethoven

a début film for EBEN 2020


Beethoven: Be-All & End-All

The 2020 EBEN Piano Festival Robert Turnbull

is mainly happening in 2020 on-line...


But see you there at the bar in 2021!!

Please note, this film lasts 51 minutes and is presented here

in an MP4 format; that's to say a rather smaller file than

is the case with the best definition.

To avoid further compression, the film has been posted on DropBox;

if the page invites you either to 'sign up' for or 'sign in' to DropBox,

this is not necessary - just click on the wee arrow and the film will run.

If you wish to download a better version of the film,

or have trouble with this DropBox link,

please send JB an e-mail via this link here.


JB's recent portrait of artistic director Bobby Mitchell is here.

water-soluble wax crayon on paper;


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