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3D work


̶   is the generic name JB gives to his 'sculptures'

formed of interlocking panels of wood or foamboard.


Some are small - flowers in foamboard or cut resin that can be sent as greetings' cards or presents -


 - of which the most elaborate to date is the MoonFlower,

made of four panels, in brass and pear wood,

which of course can be arranged in 16 different combinations -

(design by JB, cutting by Chris Wilkinson)

And some are furniture, indoor or out, practical or decorative,

for grown-ups, children or cuddlies -


 - of which the most elaborate to date is the table & chair

painted in wood-stain, now in the collection

of the Muse d'Art naf  in Nice -


The table-top serves as a tray and, when in place, holds a bottle.



In-between are ornamental table sculptures, of flowers mostly -


...but also of a 'cello, waves...

a sculpture of a fruit-bowl on a stand...

and flowers that serve as a bottle holder -  




There is even a sculpture of landscape:

the artist's house & valley in France!

[see the video clip here!]



And at another scale, JB has designed stage-sets

that use a system that has all the 'flat-pack'

advantages of portability.



The principle is simple and long-known, but JB's

exploitation of it carries his own original stamp,

including a sense of humour

- viz the design for a washing-up brush holder.


Apart from the portability, the designs minimise

the surface of the panel that is left unused.


For an extremely detailed account of anouskas, go to



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