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JB began his writing career with pieces for Railway Modeller and The Listener before he went to university;

he has since written for the Times Literary Supplement, The Sunday Times, The Glasgow Herald, International Record Review, BBC Music Magazine, The Spectator;

and was Arts Editor for What's On Scotland from 1985 to 1991

as well as roving arts correspondent for Scotland on Sunday.  

He has broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland and Radio Three. 

Between 1994 & 1997 he had a solo classical music programme on Riviera Radio,

transmitted via Radio Monte Carlo.

He now writes features for International Piano and Opera Now.




Note that "BPE" refers to Brown Paper Editions, JB's own imprint as a publisher. 

He has published his own work while also having started a series of books

devoted to work by others that he adores, firstly En Ligne, drawings by Youdi des Aubreys.


# Breakfasts in Florence: Ruskin revisited

— Essays on the Philosophy of Vision

—  to come, BPE; 2020


# Expulsion from the Garden

— a study of morality in Wagner's late work

— to come, BPE; 2021


# Bottoms up, Borodino!

— published by BPE; 2013  buy!


# Cook au Vin

— BPE; 2012  buy!


# La Merveille dans la R้alit้

— in French, BPE; 2012 buy!


# I Don't Know Much About Art But I Know David Hockney

— Mer Publishing; 2007 buy!


# RoadMovies — First Stop

— Talbot Rice Art Gallery & the University of Edinburgh; 2002


# Le Destin des L้vriers

— an English translation "Our Sighthounds"

from the French of Xavier Przezdziecki; 2001


# PucciniBrahmsDebussy 

— 3 lives, Pavilion Books, London;

Simon & Schuster, New York; 1995/96

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