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Note that "BPE" refers to Brown Paper Editions, JB's own imprint as a publisher.  He has published his own work while also having started a series of books devoted to work by others that he adores, firstly En Ligne, drawings by Youdi des Aubreys.


# Breakfasts in Florence: Ruskin revisited — Essays on the Philosophy of Vision —  to come, BPE; 2017

# Expulsion from the Garden — a study of morality in Wagner's late work — to come, BPE; 2017

# Bottoms up, Borodino! — published by BPE; 2013  buy!

# Cook au Vin — BPE; 2012  buy!

# La Merveille dans la R้alit้ — in French, BPE; 2012 buy!

# I Don't Know Much About Art But I Know David Hockney — Mer Publishing; 2007 buy!

# RoadMovies — First Stop — Talbot Rice Art Gallery & the University of Edinburgh; 2002

# Le Destin des L้vriers — an English translation "Our Sighthounds" from the French of Xavier Przezdziecki; 2001

# PucciniBrahmsDebussy  — 3 lives, Pavilion Books, London; Simon & Schuster, New York; 1995/96 [click on the composer to buy!]


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