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XXI Stations of the Cross


" as from the eyes of Jesus"

at Seven Towers' Benefice

Gloucester: Lent 2017

for the 2006 London set click here


The Gloucester Way: Stations of the Cross

as from the Eyes of Jesus  was on display

at the seven churches of the Seven Towers' Benefice

from 10th to 17th April, 2017; and can be seen

in a special book devoted to the set, with texts.




To have a signed  copy of the book at a special price,

e-mail Philippa at


Thereafter the book of The Gloucester Way

can be ordered here.


images  |  in situ  |  SKEtCHEs

all are done in charcoal on Free-Hanging canvas 40" square

each set of three is in a different church as listed

[No. xvii is on tinted canvas.]



I Pilate dismisses the case: Christ is condemned to death.  |  II  He receives the Cross.  |  III  He stumbles for the first time. 


      Down Hatherley


IV  He meets His Mother.  |  V  Simon takes the weight of the Cross.  |  VI  Veronica wipes his brow.




|  VII  He receives the Crown of Thorns.  |  VIII  He stumbles again.  |  IX  The women weep.




 X  He stumbles a third time.  |  XI  He is stripped.  |  XII  He is whipped. 


      The Leigh


 | |  XIII  He is nailed to the Cross.  |  XIV  He is offered vinegar.   |  XV  The soldier pierces His side.




 |  XVI  He dies.  |  XVII  His body is taken down.  |  XVIII  The Resurrection: Thomas doubts...




XIX  The Resurrection: supper at Emmaus...  |  XX  The Resurrection: breaking fast by the sea...  |  XXI  The Resurrection: in the Garden...




& in situ






















graphite on Moleskine





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